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Monday, August 13, 2007

Free Software Sticker Book - zlythern
This one is for those of you who wanted to paste a cool sticker on your laptop or pc ;)

The .pdf Sticker Book includes a set of stickers related to free software projects. Now, you may remove Microsoft sticker from your computer ;) and choose some sticker of this book to replace it.

Free Software Sticker Book - zlythern
For around 6++MB, there are lotsa nice one :) this surely is a Sticker Book :D there are pages with one design of sticker, this were made to save your time on printing ;) well, maybe after you print these things, you can distribute and give 'em away for free to your friends too :D

Free Software Sticker Book - zlythern
Sure looks good on your laptop :) I'm gonna get one myself :D

Lastly, you can also participate in Sticker Book Project too, just send your sticker/s to ^^

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