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Friday, August 17, 2007

Wikipedia - zlythern
Lately there's a lot of buzz going on wikipedia. Everybody knows that wikipedia is open for public to edit an article. So, yes you do can imagine there's some who used it for their own goods. This is earth. Nobody as pure as a dove ! Live with it !

Apart from wikipedia given much knowledge, if you are concerned by that 'editing' part. Then do your research ! Go to a library, lurked in those alley, grab the dusted books. Manual methods always work perfect.

Anyway, let's forget of all those things. This weekend we'll be spending a whole new view to wikipedia ;)

As, the title suggest, let's see Wikipedia as Cartoons ;)

Greg Williams a designer and illustrator for The Tampa Tribune in Tampa, Florida, made a brilliant collection of cartoon versions of Wikipedia entries ^^

Wikipedia as Cartoons, Greg Williams

Nice piece of work there Mr. Greg ^^ hm.. i wonder if someone will edit that page other than Mr. Greg himself :P

Have a nice weekend everybody :)

[via: Drawn!]

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