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Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm an Ibex-po-sha-ger-li-flam-peacock

Build Your Wild Self - zlythern
Ibex horns - Your Ibex horns can grow up to three feet long. Unlike antlers, which are shed every year, you get to keep your Ibex horns for life.

Polar bear ears -It gets cold in the Arctic (down to 35°F below). For warmth, your polar bear ears are small and covered in fur—even on the inside. When diving, the ears close to keep cold water out.

Sand tiger shark teeth - Your smile is deadly. Your spiky sand tiger shark teeth are perfect for gripping fish and other slippery prey.

Siberian tiger paws - It's no fun getting stuck in the snow. That's why your Siberian tiger paws are extra large. They work just like snowshoes and prevent you from sinking.

African lion legs - Your African lion legs are extremely powerful and have long, retractable claws to help you bring down prey. Careful not to poke your eye out with those things!

Chilean flamingo wings - Your Chilean flamingo wings have dark feathers on their underside. Males use them in courtship displays by flapping their wings to make black flashes that attract the ladies. Ooh la la!

Peacock male tail - Your peacock tail feathers can grow to be 60 inches long. Each feather has what looks like an eye on it. They help scare away other animals that might want to eat you.

Build Your Wild Self - zlythern
Build Your Wild Self !

And have a Fun WILD weekend ^^

[via: The Presurfer]

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