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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

[Update 2007-10-09] The link to Efendi in Arabic is back again ;) Thanks Reem :D

A little while ago i posted about My Name in Arabic.

The site have gone through a lot of changes. Reem had a long break on providing the service for free. Then Reem decided to take a small fee in exchange for the service, which make sense for me, since Reem provided your name with a nice font with a beautiful frame, and even provided it with a .pdf .doc and .jpg :)

But now Reem is announcing that My Name in Arabic is free of charge again ;)

And the site is really is Undergoing Changes. Previously the Archive have many many names, including my own (dead link now), which is now disappear. Efendi in Arabic is up again now ^^.

I recall there are quite many of western name have been done back then, so you can always find it first. But right now, it's like going back to zero again. And am still not sure if Reem still working about this.

Meanwhile, Nomadturk left a comment, pointing out to a nice Arabic Name Generator ;) Thanks for the hint Nomadturk :)

Arabic-o-matic - zlytern

Arabic-o-matic will the job for you, all you hafta do is enter your name, and voila ! The arabic version of your name will be prompted just as you type ;)

While the result are not in the arabic letter at all, which mean you cannot copy paste the result, but still this is quite handy if you need a free arabic name ;)

There are some notes about this though

This gadget may be used to write your name in Arabic letters, but be careful... Arabic has only three vowels, a, i and u. That's why the "i", "y" and "e" keys here just trigger the same Arabic letter. So do "u", "o" and "w".

Such contraptions cannot work very well, first because you need to know a lot of things about the sounds of the Arabic letters to cast your name into Arabic letters the right way, and second because the font is not very good.

So Reem's My Name in Arabic provides more accurate result, since Reem knows real well on how the sounds of your name is, and write it precisely on arabic letter.

You can see my name in arabic which Reem did for me إفندي (note that i can copy paste it ^^)

I think those of you who can understand Arabic will definitely choose Reem's My Name in Arabic version ;)


So, if you really need it fast and free arabic name generator, then Arabic-o-matic will do just fine while you wait for Reem to do your name ;)


Reem said...


Thank you for writing about me once again, I appreciate it. :)
I am putting back all the names that were published on my blog before. Even though I don't appreciate that people come around, grab their names without even saying thank you.

Be careful with these automatic generators, they convert Latin letters to Arabic ones, they don't write name correctly as they are pronounced. A good example is your own name, the generator wrote it as: Yefendi.

Efendi said...

Hi Reem, glad to see you again :)

Yeah, sometimes people just grab things without saying, and i can see that this is the reasons you pulled out everything i believe.

You should apply some creative commons thing to your work.

And yes, as i said, if you don't know how to read, the generator will probably not as accurate as your work Reem ;)

diana said...

hi i like the way the people in Africa do our bname is arabic i really loved it that much

diana said...

do you live in Africa?

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