[Recap] October 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October 2007 Recap is here ^^ full of fun and great freeware tools, this should be good for those of you who may have missed one or two posts here at zlythern ;)

1. Flash

The Infinite OZ, Oct 18

The Infinite OZ - zlythernInspired by the Zoomquilt 2, The Infinite OZ features the artistic visions of nine acclaimed international artists, a collaboration that brings to life the world of L. Frank Baum's classic adventure, as re-imagined by the SCI FI Channel miniseries event Tin Man. The Infinite OZ have a more realistic feeling of being in another world ;) with all the snow, the windmill spinning, etc. Nicely done !

2. Flex

Vector Magic (Beta) IS AWESOME !, Oct 29

Vector Magic - zlythernVector Magic is the result of a Stanford University Artificial Intelligence Laboratory research project by James Diebel and Jacob Norda. Vector Magic is capable of tracing images and convert to a vector file, and with a PRECISE results !

3. Fun

Build Your Wild Self, Oct 19

Build Your Wild Self - zlythern
I'm an Ibex-po-sha-ger-li-flam-peacock

What's Wild About You ?

Congratz ! You're All Genius !, Oct 30

The Blog Readability Test - zlythern

According to The Blog Readability Test that is ;)

4. Games

Spot 5 Differences by IvoryDrive, Oct 12

Spot 5 Differences by IvoryDrive - zlythernIvoryDrive definitely crafted the MOST HARDEST and BEAUTIFUL spot the differences game ! The subtle artwork, the softness, the beautiful, i think that's what makes Spot 5 Differences by IvoryDrive HARD to solve, but always make you want to play it again ;)

5. Personal

You Can Tell Me Now, Oct 22

Tell Me! - zlythernOnce in a while, i got some tips from my reader in my inbox ;) Thanks ^^

So, i thought i might as well add some form :) In case some of you couldn't find my email ;P

Just a click on the right sidebar, write your name, and tell me what have you found while browsing ;)

6. Photoshop

How to Enlarge Vector Picture Easily Without Losing Quality, Oct 8

How to Enlarge Vector Picture Easily Without Losing Quality - zlythernSometimes when you're working with photoshop, and find a nice vector image which is free, and you already had the whole idea of what to design with all the materials, you had a problem! The vector image that is free is not big enough in terms of resolution!

7. Quiz

What Kind of Blogger Are You ?, Oct 23

What Kind of Blogger Are You ? - zlythern
Professor Blogstein have 7 simple questions :)

Fun little badge will be given as a reward ;)

8. Tools

Write Your Name in Arabic, Oct 3

Write Your Name in Arabic - zlythernAll you hafta do is enter your name, and voila ! The arabic version of your name will be prompted just as you type ;)

While the result are not in the arabic letter at all, which mean you cannot copy paste the result, but still this is quite handy if you need a free arabic name ;)

Tabs Have Never Been Easier !, Oct 10

Tabs Have Never Been Easier ! - zlythernOverall this is very nice tool, if you happen to need a tab fast :D There's not much can be done on tabs i think, but it will be nicer if we can have more style for the tabs (something like Button Boost done quite well), and maybe a nice gallery to show off too like in Tartan Maker ;)

FLV Player is 2.0 !, Oct 16

Download FLV Player 2.0  - zlythernThe need of option to remember last used volume ? It's there ! Another BEST thing in this new player ? You can DIRECTY copy-and-paste a YouTube url ! It will retrieve the video and played it ! Brilliant !


That is all folks, October 2007 recap ^^

Hope you do all enjoy the posts ;) And to those of you who celebrate Halloween, here's a picture for you :D

Make A Cylon Jack-O-Lantern - zlythern
Happy Halloween 2007 !

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