FLV Player is 2.0 !

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

FLV Player 2.0 - zlythern
Martijn de Visser the creator of the first standalone FLV Player, now is back with FLV Player 2.0 ! Yes, the FLV PLayer is 2.0 !

FLV Player 2.0 Settings - zlythernThis new FLV Player 2.0 settings offer you some goodies !

I especially found the need of option to remember last used volume ! And it's here now ! Very nice !

Another BEST thing in this new player ?
You can DIRECTY copy-and-paste a YouTube url ! It will retrieve the video and played it ! Brilliant !

Not to mention you can do a CTRL-Enter too ;)

Say goodbye to the old FLV Player 1.3.3 :) The new FLV Player is BLACK ! Elegant ! Simple !

Download FLV Player 2.0 - zlythern
Go get the FLV Player 2.0 while it's FRESH ! :D

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