Spot 5 Differences by IvoryDrive

Friday, October 12, 2007

Spot 5 Differences by IvoryDrive - zlythern
IvoryDrive definitely crafted the MOST HARDEST and BEAUTIFUL

of all those Spot The Differences game genre !

Spot 5 Differences by IvoryDrive - zlythern
The subtle artwork, the softness, the beautiful,
i think that's what makes Spot 5 Differences by IvoryDrive
to solve,
but always make you want to play it again ;)

Just like all of Ferry Halim's games.

Have a nice weekend everybody ^^


Belinda Pretorius said...

Hi Efendi, you are confusing me with all your different names. Your name is Efendi, your blog is Qureyoon and your rss feed is Zlythern. What does it all mean? I can't afford any more confusion at this stage ... ;)

Efendi said...

Mrs. Stii ^^ nice to have you here :)

Hehe.. actually my blog name is zlythern :D

qureyoon is my nickname :P so when i first started to blog, i registered it under my nickname, but then i realize is should've it by the name 'zlythern' but oh well, to lazy to sign another one up :P

so instead, i use zlythern as my feed :)

hope this clear things up ;)

have a nice weekend Mrs. Stii ^^ and a nice coffee soon ;P

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