Tabs Have Never Been Easier !

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tabs Generator - zlythern
The famous duo Alex 'Pit' La Rosa and Fabio Fidanza, the brain behind the Stripe Generator (find out more here), and introduced the TARTAN movement (find out more here) :D has done it again !

Tabs Generator - zlythern
The newest addition is the Tabs Generator ! Boy, how their tag-line hit the bullseye ! Tabs Have Never Been Easier !

Tabs Generator - zlythern
Although the interface is not as AMAZING as the previous stripe generator and tartan maker. The feel of easiness still there. And that is all we need ;)

Every time you change some of the value, there'll be a Refresh button to generate the new tab ;) This is good, as we don't have to wait everytime we change a value, then the picture will load again. We can just set the whole value, and hit Refresh ;) Well, maybe a minor change here and there, and Refresh again :D


Overall this is very nice tool, if you happen to need a tab fast :D There's not much can be done on tabs i think, but it will be nicer if we can have more style for the tabs (something like Button Boost done quite well), and maybe a nice gallery to show off too like in Tartan Maker ;)

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