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Monday, October 29, 2007

Vector Magic, The Online Tool for Precision Vectorization - zlythern
Few days back, i was posting a screencast on How to Enlarge Vector Picture Easily Without Losing Quality, this is one way to be able to enlarge an image IF you DONT have the original vector image !

Vector Magic, The Online Tool for Precision Vectorization - zlythernToday when i go through my feed, Simon Willison posted an AWESOME tool to CONVERT ANY IMAGE TO VECTOR ! Brilliant ! And you know what ?! It's Flash ! Flex to be precise ;)

Vector Magic is the result of a Stanford University Artificial Intelligence Laboratory research project by James Diebel and Jacob Norda.

Vector Magic is capable of tracing images and convert to a vector file, and with a PRECISE results ! Just upload your image and Vector Image will do the converting :D

I will try to give a few Highlights of what this Vector Magic is capable of (it's still even in BETA and am already very impressed)

1. Image Classification

Image Classification, Vector Magic - zlythern

First thing after you upload a picture if will automagically detect your picture's type. Currently they still only have 2 types, photograph and logo. This is not 100% accurate, so be sure to double-check, after it do the detection. But it should get the choice right most of the time ;)

2. Bookmark !

Bookmark, Vector Magic - zlythern

This simple information is brilliant ! If you had big picture to vectorize, and you can't even see the progress bar running, usually you leave the page open. But not anymore ! Just hit Ctrl-D and do somethin' else with your browser ;P

3. Zoom and Swap Your View !

Zoom and Swap, Vector Magic - zlythern

After you get the result, the only thing you can do to check whether this Vector Magic did the job right or not, is to ZOOM in the result ;) Because you can see the quality of the vector more accurately if you can ZOOM in ;) And of course you have to compare it with the original image. And the Bitmap button did was a useful button ! Just a click, then you can view the original image :D NICE !

4. Geeky Enough ?

Edit Result, Vector Magic - zlythern

If you're curious, then play around ;)

5. Still Not Enough ?

Learn More About Vector Magic - zlythern

Learn more about Vector Magic, they have a very descriptive screencast ;)


The result is very nice :) maybe because the original image is nice too :P It might not look very good here (because i scale-down the image) Try to see the real size result by clicking me :D

Sample Result, Vector Magic - zlythern

Bottom words, you should really give Vector Magic a try ;)

[via: Simon Willison's Weblog]


QiQi said...

Hi~ I'm dropping by after a long long time hahaha!! Has been busy for the past few months! *Phew* Wah, your blog has changed its looks again and now without a chat box anymore :( Oh ok got to go.. A lot of work tomorrow *Sigh*

Efendi said...

hi qiqi ^^

nice to see you here again :) hehe.. yeah, i always read yours on my feed ;)

i removed the chat box coz not much people leave msg in there :P

anyway, nica to see you :) hehe.. jia you :)

Josh Lane said...

Efendi - This is incredibly interesting. It may prove very useful for branding and photography work.

Thanks for sharing!

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