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Monday, October 22, 2007

Got Something Interesting ? Tell Me! - zlythern
Once in a while, i got some tips from my reader in my inbox ;) Thanks ^^

So, i thought i might as well add some form :) In case some of you couldn't find my email ;P

Just a click on the right sidebar, write your name, and tell me what have you found while browsing ;) And i'll do my best to catch up and post it ;)

The form is provided by Wufoo, the easiest way to build a form :D i'll put up a how-to next time ;) so stay here, and have a nice day ^^

Wufoo Form Builder - zlythern

p.s: don't forget to Tell Me those interesting thing you found ;)


Belinda said...

Hi Efendi, this has got nothing to do with what I found, but I would like to know (might sound silly) about stats on HIV/AIDS in your country. I'm just curious - Africa is forever in the limelight re AIDS, but I've never heard anybody mentioning stats from your country. Is it a huge problem there aswell?

Efendi said...

Hi Mrs. Stii,

This is an interesting questions, i never thought of checking the stats also, maybe because HIV/AIDS is not a very big issue/problem amongst Indonesian people.

Most Indonesian people tend to believe such cases are very small.

But then again, i've done my homework, and now i'm able to tell you the exact number as of June 2006 :) you can check the full report there, it's bilingual :)

Cumulative HIV and AIDS cases from 1 April 1987 through 30 June 2006 are 4527 HIV and 6332 AIDS which is very small compared to the total populations of Indonesian people (around 250M people)

Hope this answer your curiosity ;)

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