Hovering Peek-A-Boo Blogger v3.0 Navbar

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My bro Avatar has did it again ! This time it's for all of you, beta.bloggers ;)

Well, if you notice the top area at Bloggeratto, then there'll be this so called Hovering Peek-A-Boo Blogger Navbar ;) as in human language is, when you move yer mouse cursor, then the navbar will shows up, and when you move it outside the area, then *poof* disappears ! :P Nuff the talks :P

Anyway, the idea (brilliant one) came up (as i recall) that the Blogger Navbar should be left intact, and not to be altered in anyway ... bla .. bla .. bla .. regarding those agreement or claim or anythin' :P So Avatar did it ;) he managed to keep what Blogger wants, and what we want ;)

And the easiest way to fixed it, was of course using the CSS :) but as for Blogger v2.0 it was not all browser compatible, so the v2.0 was coded using some javascript. But for Blogger v3.0, it was fully CSS !! No more scripting whatsoever ;) But i guess there still some issue on browser compatibility :P

But still again, why dontcha go and give a try ;)


Avatar said...

great re-phrasing of the title.

i liked how you summed it up.

Efendi said...

yo hermano, sup ^^
nah, i was just borrowin' yer phrase ;)
glad you liked it :) i'm thinkin' i should try to play with this v3.0 thing :)

Avatar said...

yeah, you should play with it.

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