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Saturday, December 02, 2006

I love it when adobe took macromedia back then :) together they created powerfull apps, with beautifull designs !

Recently the productive Laboratory of Adobe launched a new app, called kuler.

Built using Macromedia® Flash® and ActionScript 3.0, kuler is all about COLOR !

With kuler you can Explore + Create + Share the COLOR.

Yes, it already have lotsa color theme you can choose from !

And if you're not satisfied with the existing one, you take it, and modified it, or even create your own theme !

This is a GREAT RESOURCE :) especially for choosing color for your pimpin process on X'Mas eh ;)

Kudos to Adobe team !

Have a nice weekend everybody ^^

p.s: you know, you can even use those color to paint your living room ;)

[source: lifeclever]

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