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Friday, November 10, 2006

Jakob Lange Skjerning from mentalized made some good point on today's AJAX trend that rose up everywhere just like a mushroom :P

An important design element that’s part of the whole AJAX business is somehow letting your user know that stuff is actually happening while the server crunches away. A common way to do so, is to add a little animated GIF that is only shown when the AJAX request is happening.

And that is one of the reasons he collected a few free animated GIFs and put them up here. Which you can download and use them in whatever project you want ;)

If you're still, don't find one that suits yer style, there still more of it here ;)

But as for bein' some perfectionist guy myself, who wanted to specify my own color, and background-color, i was still a wee bit unsatisfied with those list :P

But that was a story of 2 hours ago :P till i found - the Ajax loading gif generator :)

Which definetely the perfect one i was lookin ;) It features the simple one that add to my satisfaction, the Background and Foreground color chooser ;) Plus with the added option for Transparent background ;) *perfect* ^^

It even had multiple type of indicator on which you can choose from ;)

But one thing that lacks here, is the preview of each indicator type :P so i generated each of the indicator, so that you can have an idea of what it looked like ;) as i'm sure it'll help you on not wasting some time, tryin' it one by one :P

So here you go the full list of each indicator type ;)
  • Circle ball
  • Indicator
  • Kit
  • Arrows
  • Indicator Big
  • Snake
  • Bouncing ball
  • Bar
  • Bar 2
  • Bar 3
  • Circling ball
  • Hypnotize
  • Wheel
  • Expanding Circle
  • Radar
  • Refresh
  • Flower
  • Squares
  • Circle Thickbox
  • Roller
  • Wheel Throbber
  • Smallwait
  • 3D Rotation
  • Indicator lite
  • Squares Circle
  • Big Snake
  • Big Circle ball

p.s: the colors for the above lists can be changed ;) it's not the default one ;)

Enjoy ^^


teddY said...

Thanks for sharing! They look wonderful!

Efendi said...

yo teddy ^^ sup :) yup, they are ;) especially with the options to change the color :)

the one i liked most is the "big snake" and the "bar" :)

Stii said...

I absolutely luv the ajaxload site! I've created and used a ton of them!

Efendi said...

yeah, they were awesome :) glad you liked it :)

Anonymous said...

awesome man liked it a lot and downloaded some too ... nice very nice

Efendi said...

glad you like it ;) and thanks for comming :D

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks!

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