He's BACK ! New Game Added !

Friday, December 08, 2006

Ferry Halim is an indonesian TALENTED ! SUPER ! MARVELOUS ! Flasher ! I've been a fan of him since my first encounter as a flasher :)

Some of you may have recalled this little flash game, that have HIT the internet ! It was very popular amongs flasher, and gamer, and maybe you too ;)


And when i get to know Orisinal, i've become more and more admiring him ^^ those soft and calm, colourfull theme. And he's a brilliat Action Scripter too ! Considering his background ;) (note: the interviews are in indonesia)

And NOW ! After a long period of inactivity (for about a year), He's BACK !

To celebrate with us, and welcoming this holidays ^^

Enjoy the newly added Winterbells

[source: Jay is Games]


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! the design is really cute and it's fun too.

Joshua P.G. Lane said...

Wow. This guy is a great flasher. Nice stuff.

Efendi said...

yo daarxide, yup cute and fun and simple ;) you can get addicted playin it ;)

mr.josh, he is indeed 1 of indonesia's great flashers :) and i'm proud of it as an indonesia too :)

great you liked it too mr.josh :)

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