[Recap] July 2007

Monday, July 30, 2007

Here we are the Recap of July 2007 ^^ grouped by category and sorted by date, with some thumbnail flavors and a little peak of the post ;)

1. Art

My Name in Arabic, July 25

My Name in Arabic - zlythernIf you ever curious about how is your name in Arabic looks like, then Reem from My Name in Arabic, is the right person to do the job ;) Ever since May 2007 Reem have made lotsa Arabic name for peoples ;)

Jared von Hindman's ABCs, July 04

Jared von Hindman's ABCs - zlythernHead Injury Theater is a phrase I came up with as a kid that refers to something that happens in cartoons all the time. Head Injury Theater is another word for "violently induced fever dream"....more or less.

2. Blogger

Blogger: Redirect Your Feed to Feedburner, July 12

Blogger: Redirect Your Feed to Feedburner - zlythernBy redirecting your feed, you can get a true picture of how many subscribers you have .... By redirecting your feed, you can consolidate any straggler subscribers and greatly improve your ability to effectively measure your audience.

3. CSS

YAML an AMAZING (X)HTML/CSS Framework, July 22

YAML an AMAZING (X)HTML/CSS Framework - zlythernWith more than 100++ pages of documentation, this is the only knowledge-base you'll ever need to build a purely (X)HTML/CSS web pages :)

4. Comic

Garfield, July 27

Garfield - zlythernGarfield loves TV and hates Mondays. He's all sass and sarcasm, but he has a soft side too. He loves his teddy bear Pooky, and deep down he loves his owner Jon and his dopey pal Odie.

Modern Web Design, July 17

Modern Web Design - zlythern
Although a little bit too rude :P I have to agree with some portion (the red and green) ;)

7-7-7, July 7

7-7-7 - zlythern
When I'm reading my Fullpage Comics over at my iGoogle. I just realize today is 7-7-7 :)

5. Design

Translucent Background For Your Caption, July 11

Translucent Background For Your Caption - zlythernFirda Beka an Indonesia girl ^^ over at the Weblog Wannabe have created 16 beautiful Translucent pattern, which you can embed to your page ;)

6. Flash

Polar Clock 3.0 Released !, July 16

Polar Clock 3.0 Released ! - zlythernIf you still remember the beautiful Polar Clock, well just so you know, since then, there have been many improvement going on ;) And now, we have it, the new Polar Clock 3.0 is Released from Gabriel Bucknall!

7. Javascript

Learn to Make Games in Javascript, July 23

Learn to Make Games in Javascript - zlythernThe tutorials covers all of the basic javascript syntax to the OOP side of it :) With lots of addition e.g: Event handling, Sound, AJAX, etc.

8. Knowledge

Grow Your Kid's Interest in Greek Mythology, July 6

Grow Your Kid's Interest in Greek Mythology - zlythernThe Greek have a wide range of Mythology, and also many have a slightly different version of one and another. Sometimes it was pack in a poem-like stories, or a drama-like.

9. Personal

Zlythern v.3 - The COLOURs, July 19

Zlythern v.3 - The COLOURs - zlythernI will be experimenting with these 4 Palettes, basically those that I choose, is of the soft colour that match each other, and some colour that seems to be againts each other or in a contrast ;)

Initial Release of Zlythern v.3, July 18

Initial Release of Zlythern v.3 - zlythernWith this new Layout, zlythern will load faster, have a more wider space, in which I can post a wider picture ;) and a nice outcome when you tried to print my page ;)

Migrating to New Blogger Layout, July 9

Migrating to New Blogger Layout - zlythernFor the moment, I'm using a template that I grabbed from Blogger Templates. They provided an .xml files, which you can upload it instantly and then, there you are, a new template ;) No extra steps for the copy and paste ;)

10. Tools

Still Using Stripe ?, July 13

Still Using Stripe ? - zlythernOK, lemme show you the brilliant thing of every generator tools must have. Can you see it ?
It's the GO FULLSCREEN button !! I repeat, GO FULLSCREEN ! My gawd !

New CrossLoop 1.1 is AWESOME!, July 10

New CrossLoop 1.1 is AWESOME! - zlythernAs you can see, there are 3 NEW FEATURES ! For those of you who have tried CrossLoop before, this will get you to jump off your seat ;)


That is all the Recap for July 2007 ^^

And have a fresh start of the week to everybody :)

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