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Monday, July 09, 2007

[Update 2007-07-09]
For the moment, i'm reverting back to the classic template, until the whole new design will be up completely ;)

Currently, I'm working on a new design, also it will be fully migrated to the New Blogger Layout ;)

For the moment, I'm using a template that I grabbed from Blogger Templates. They provided an .xml files, which you can upload it instantly and then, there you are, a new template ;) No extra steps for the copy and paste ;)

And as for the next zlythern's design, I believe it will bring more relief to IE users, since the previous designs were a little bit out for IE users :P so I'll try to work on a designs that will look nice in Firefox and IE ;)

So, expect a whole new experience on zlythern ;) There have lots of changes on zlythern. And the new one will be v.3 ;) Wait for it ! ^^


Vicky said...

Hi there,

I've redesigned my blog genius @ play (and am releasing it for beta testing today on 4th of July) and would like to get comments from you on this. Please go through the site, check it for any faults or bugs. Give me any improvement ideas that U wanna share. I'd really love to get any words from you. Do leave a comment there or drop me a mail.

Read the Update Post for details. [ ]

Some existing bugs that I've identified are -

* 'Pull' string doesn't work properly unless the page is loaded completely
* Image hspace / padding doesn't work
* Hindi text isn't displayed properly
* Search n Subscription text boxes aren't aligned to center

Am currently working on them, but it's taking lotsa time without any visible change. Lemme know if U have any solution to any of these. And also lemme know if U spot any other bugs or deficiency in the site.

If U like the blog, do subscribe to its feed. U can subscribe for email delivery also. That option is available in 'Curtain'. {Read the Update Post for details.}. And again, do leave your comments.

Have a great day. :)

cyberbuff said...

what? you changed your template??? i am disappointed. Really, i font know why you have moved to new blogger. the previous template was awesome! i mean, u really disappoint me.

Efendi said...

@cyberbuff: hi cyberbuff, this is only for temporary ;)

i'll put a new designs, but will be based on the new blogger layout, not the old blogger template

^^ so wait for the new version ok ;)

Josh Lane said...

Good luck on your new design. How's it coming along?

Efendi said...

Mr. Josh ^^

Still sketching the new look :P Too much distraction on the designs :P Coz i wanted to add things here and there :P

But then again it must be faster than the old one, so i guess i'll have to remove some things :P

Hopefuly it'll be done in 1-2 weeks :)

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