Initial Release of Zlythern v.3

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

After my last attempt to Migrate the Template to Layout, I've been searching through old archive :P

Finally, I'm releasing a crude zlythern v.3 :P I'll add up more make up later on ;)

With this new Layout, zlythern will load faster, have a more wider space, in which I can post a wider picture ;) and a nice outcome when you tried to print my page ;)

And lastly, I think this wider layout will encourage me to do a post with more words, not just a quickie like this one :P

Anyway enjoy the crude zlythern v.3 ^^


Pasticciera said...

Looks very good, although I do love the dragon colors in the old format. Seems like there are many positive changes going on for you and they carry thru to your blog. I like your motto at the top, words to live by....

Efendi said...

Madam Pasticciera ^^ long time no hear you here ;)

Thank you for your lovely comment :)

I'll try to add things here and there later on ;)

Pasticciera said...

I'm in the busy season here in Italy with our small Inn, Bella Baita, trying to grow our business, but I keep up with you and always enjoy your blog.

Efendi said...

why, that's a lovely news :) business goin' good eh :D
what kinda seasons there ? is it holiday time ? if i had a chance to go to Italy, i'll surely ask you where's your Bella Baita is ^^

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