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Friday, July 13, 2007

Are you people still using Stripe Generator ? Heh ! Guess what ?! Those guyz behind it, tells us it's time to move on ! It's TARTAN time ^^

Yes, Alex 'Pit' La Rosa and Fabio Fidanza comes up with a new twist for stripes ! They call it Tartan Maker - the new trendsetting application for cool designers What a genius :D

There are lotsa improvement, compared to other generator tool, and i must say it was very very USEFUL ! BRAVO to these guyz !

OK, lemme show you the brilliant thing of every generator tools must have. Can you see it ?
It's the GO FULLSCREEN button !! I repeat, GO FULLSCREEN ! My gawd ! Exactly what a pattern generator tools should have ! It will save our time, to download the pattern, put some css code for it, and preview it fullscreen ourself, just to realize that it looks bad when goes fullscreen. Not anymore ! Thanks to the GO FULLSCREEN button ! Brilliant GUYZ !


Another thing is the new SHARE feature ;) If you check back to the Stripe Generator you'll notice it has a SHARE feature too now ;)

The showcase of other people's creation will take you deeper, searching, and play with it ;) and incase you're wondering, yes ! There's a GO FULLSCREEN button too inside ;)


All in all, being a perfect generator tool, now they have beaten' all the best idea a generator tool SHOULD have ! Can't get any better than this ;)


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