2000 Bloggers - Are You One ?

Monday, January 29, 2007

[Update 2007-02-07]: Sellsius made a good post in defense of the 2000 bloggers ^^

[Update 2007-02-06]: This Project was now closed ! Due to the protest of some blogger, and Technorati listened to them.

Well, i dont really know about this thing, mentioned as some kinda of damaging, or that kinda thing, Dr. Tony Hung, got some good summary about this.

Lastly, those who are in the Project, let this be some nice memories :)


Tino Buntic from Trade Pals, coined the idea for Project 2000 Bloggers.
There are dozens of social networks that bring the blogosphere together, with Technorati and MyBlogLog being two of the biggest. I wanted to bring a whole bunch of bloggers together on one page. 2000 bloggers to be exact!

In only just about 2 weeks, there have been around 1k ++ bloggers that joined this project, including me ;) (can spot mine ?)

The response to this was quite amazing to watch :) And Tino is surely workin hard on addin the bloggers ;) mine got up there real quick ;)

This project is on Digg too ;)

Some bloggers, even go into creating the badges like you see above :)

Others are experimenting with this project as a social experiment.

Also read the interesting interview that Li Evans conduct with Tino himself ;)

So nonetheles, this project is a great and original idea, simply simple ;)

So, i hope everybody who read this can join the project too ;)

See ya there ^^


Franciov said...

Yep, I'm one of them! ^^

Efendi said...

franciov ^^ hehe.. i can find you now ;)

Stii said...

Sadly I'm not! :-(

AntiSpamB said...

The next step is "MillionBloggersHomepage" :)

David Temple said...

I actually did see yours in there. Good job!

Efendi said...

@stii: you can still actually apply if it hasn't reached the 2k mark ;)

@AntiSpamB: hehehe... it'll took half an hour to load a million picz :P photobucket will probably down :P

@David Temple: hi david, welcome ^^ thanks, you can be there too ;)

Cat said...

Efendi, thanks for this info.
i just applied for. don't know whether it has reached 2k...

Efendi said...

Cat ^^ long time no see :)
Well, hope you make it this round ;)

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