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Friday, January 05, 2007

Today, i spent time looking at the (unnoticed) javascripts files that Blogger defaultly included in your blog.

I say that it was unnoticed, in terms that maybe just a few person, who will look at it completely, and maybe even play with it ! And that's including me :P

But now, with the recent EQ in Taiwan, i had experienced the slowness of my blog, even that i've reduced the size of my javascript. So i tried to eliminate some javascripts that i won't be needed anymore.

And guess what ? Blogger already GIVE US all the basic functions that WE NEED !! My gawd ! I wish i dwelled into these things earlier !

You see, currently Blogger provided us with 3 handy javascripts, which i'm sure it'll overcome the cross-browsers problem, it's GOOGLE's ! And the javascripts are :

- common.js
- dom.common.js
- cookies.common.js

Now i'm gonna REVEAL all the GOODIES inside these, and then you can GET RID of those prototype or framework or anything that you used :P (i'm planning to do so in the next version of zlyther ;) so stay tuned ... ) Note that i don't list all of the functions. But i guess i list almost all of it ! Brilliant Google indeed :P


1. common.js


  • function SetCookie(name, value, opt_max_age, opt_path, opt_domain)
    Use for: Setting a cookie.

  • function ExpireCookie(name, opt_path, opt_domain)
    User for: Expiring a cookie.

  • function GetCookie(name)
    Use for: Returning the value for the first cookie with the given name.

  • function Now()
    Use for: Returning the current Time.

Dynamic HTML/DOM utilities
  • function GetElement(win, id)
    Use for: Getting a element by its id, and throws an exception if it's null

  • function GetParentNode(n)
    Use for: Getting the parent of a html element.

  • function GetAttribute(node, attribute)
    Use for: Getting attribute value of a DOM node

  • function SetInnerHTML(win, id, html)
    Use for: Setting inner html of a html element

  • function GetInnerHTML(win, id)
    Use for: Getting inner-html of a html element

  • ClearInnerHTML(win, id)
    Use for: Clearing inner html of a html element

  • function SetCssStyle(win, id, name, value)
    Use for: Setting a CSS style of an element

  • function GetStyleProperty(style, name)
    Use for: Getting CSS property from a style attribute string

  • function ShowElement(el, show)
    Use for: Showing/hiding an element.

  • function ShowBlockElement(el, show)
    Use for: Showing/hiding a block element. The previous ShowElement() doesn't work if object has an initial class with display:none

  • function ShowInlineElement(el, show)
    Use for: Showing/hiding an inline element. The previous ShowElement() doesn't work when an element starts off display:none.

  • function SetButtonText(button, text)
    Use for: Setting the text of a button. This is to get around a bug in mozilla, where we can't set the text of a button by setting innerHTML.

  • function AppendNewElement(win, parent, tag)
    Use for: Appending a new HTML element to a HTML node.

  • function FindChildWithID(parent, id)
    Use for: Finding the child with the given ID, or null if there is node. This does not search the children's children.

  • function CreateDIV(win, id)
    Use for: Creating a new DIV (append it to the end of the document)

  • function Tr(win, tds)
    Use for: Creating a new TR containing the given td's

  • function Td(win, opt_colspan)
    Use for: Creating a new TD, with an optional colspan

  • function HasClass(el, cl)
    Use for: Checking if an element has a given class

  • function AddClass(el, cl)
    Use for: Adding a class to element

  • function RemoveClass(el, cl)
    Use for: Removing a class from an element

  • function GetElementsBySelector(root, selector)
    Use for: This method is a generalization of the DOM method "getElementsByTagName"

Window/screen utilities
Note from the js: TODO: these should be renamed (e.g. GetWindowWidth to GetWindowInnerWidth and moved to geom.js) Must keep an eye of the name changes, but i guess it'll took a long time to be done :P
  • - function GetPageOffsetLeft(el)
    - function GetPageOffsetTop(el)
    - function GetPageOffsetRight(el)
    - function GetPageOffsetBottom(el)
    - function GetPageOffset(el)
    Use for: Getting page offset of an element

  • - function GetScrollTop(win)
    - function GetScrollLeft(win)
    Use for: Getting the y (Top) and x (Left) position scroll offset.

  • function IsScrollAtEnd(win, opt_isHoriz)
    Use for: Checking if window scrollbar has reached its maximum offset

  • function ScrollTo(win, el, position)
    Use for: Scrolling window to pos (position: 0 = top, 0.5 = middle, 1 = bottom)

  • function ScrollIntoView(win, el, alignment)
    Use for: Scrolling so that as far as possible the entire element is in view.

  • - function GetWindowWidth(win)
    - function GetWindowHeight(win)
    - function GetAvailScreenWidth(win)
    - function GetAvailScreenHeight(win)
    - function GetNiceWindowHeight(win)
    Use for: Getting the window dimensions

  • function GetCenteringLeft(win, width)
    Use for: Horizontally centering a new window of the given width in the available screen. Set the new window's distance from the left of the screen equal to this function's return value.

  • function GetCenteringTop(win, height)
    Use for: Vertically centering a new window of the given height in the available screen. Set the new window's distance from the top of the screen equal to this function's return value.

  • function Popup(url, opt_name, opt_width, opt_height, opt_center, opt_hide_scrollbars, opt_noresize, opt_blocked_msg)
    Use for: Opening a child popup window that has no browser toolbar/decorations.

  • function OpenWindow(win, url, opt_name, opt_features, opt_blocked_msg)
    Use for: Opening a new window. Returns the new window handle.

String utilities
  • function HtmlEscape(str)
    Use for: Converting text to HTML format. For efficiency, we just convert '&', '<', '>' characters.

  • function HtmlUnescape(str)
    Use for: Converting html entities to plain text. It covers the most common named entities and numeric entities. It does not cover all named entities -- it covers &{lt,gt,amp,quot,nbsp}; but does not handle some of the more obscure ones like &{ndash,eacute};.

  • function HtmlWhitespaceEscape(str)
    Use for: Replacing multiple spaces with to retain whitespace formatting in addition to escaping '&', '<', '>'.

  • function QuoteEscape(str)
    Use for: Escape double quote '"' characters in addition to '&', '<', '>' so that a string can be included in an HTML tag attribute value within double quotes.

  • function ToJSString(s)
    Use for: Converting a string to a javascript string literal. This function has the property that the return value is also already html escaped, so the output can be embedded in an html handler attribute.

  • -function CollapseWhitespace(str)
    - function StripNewlines(str)
    - function CanonicalizeNewlines(str)
    - function HtmlifyNewlines(str)
    - function NormalizeSpaces(str)
    Use for: Converting multiple ws chars to a single space, and strips leading and trailing ws

  • function UrlEncode(str)
    Use for: URL encodes the string.

  • function Trim(str)

  • function EndsWith(str, suffix)

  • function IsEmpty(str)
    Use for: Checking if a string is empty

  • function IsLetterOrDigit(ch)
    Use for: Checking if a character is a letter

  • function IsSpace(ch)
    Use for: Checking if a character is a space character

  • function NormalizeText(str)
    Use for: Converting any instances of "\r" or "\r\n" style EOLs into "\n" (Line Feed), and also trim the extra newlines and whitespaces at the end.

  • function HtmlEscapeInsertWbrs(str, n, chars_to_break_after, chars_to_break_before)
    Use for: Inserting (word break tag) after every n non-space chars and/or after or before certain special chars. The input string should be plain text that has not yet been HTML-escaped.

  • function CompareStringsIgnoreCase(s1, s2)
    Use for: Comparing case-insensitive string

TextArea utilities
  • function GetCursorPos(win, textfield)
    Use for: Getting the cursor pos in a text area. Returns -1 if the cursor pos cannot be determined or if the cursor out of the textfield.

  • function SetCursorPos(win, textfield, pos)
    Use for: Setting the cursor pos in a text area.

Array utilities
  • function FindInArray(array, x)
    Use for: Finding an item in an array, returns the key, or -1 if not found

  • function InsertArray(array, x)
    Use for: Inserting an item into an array, if it's not already in the array

  • function DeleteArrayElement(array, x)
    Use for: Deleting an element from an array

  • function CopyArray(array)
    Use for: Copying a flat array

  • function CloneObject(x)
    Use for: Cloning an object (recursively)

  • function CloneEvent(ev)
    Use for: Cloning an event; cannot use CloneObject(event) because it suffers from infinite recursion. Thus, only a subset of the event properties are cloned.

  • function GetEventTarget(/*Event*/ ev)
    Use for: Getting an event. Note: Event is not a type in IE; IE uses Object for events

  • function CancelEvent(/*Event*/ ev)
    Use for: Canceling an event

Email address parsing
  • function ParseAddress(addr)
    Use for: Parsing an email address of the form "name" address into [name, address]

  • - function GetAddress(address)
    - function GetAddressUsername(address)
    - function GetPersonal(address)
    - function GetPersonalElseUsername(address)
    Use for: Getting a spesific field of email

  • function EmailsToArray(str)
    Use for: Converting a string containing list of email addresses into an array of strings

  • function CleanEmailAddress(str)
    Use for: Cleaning up email address which include remove extra spaces, and surround name with quotes if it contains special characters to check if we need " quotes. Note: do not use /g in the regular expression, otherwise the regular expression cannot be reusable.

2. dom.common.js
  • function toggleDisplay(o)
    Use for: Will toggle the display property of the style object for any DOM element or object that supports style as a property. Warning: This'll wreak havoc if applied to elements.

  • - function hideElement(o)
    - function showElement(o)
    Use for: Hiding an element from view. Showing an element that was hidden from view.

  • function getElement(id)
    Use for: Returning an element by its ID or shows an alert if it can't be found.

  • function setInnerHTML(id, html)
    Use for: Setting the innerHTML of an element or shows an alert if can't be set.

  • function setCssStyle(id, name, value)
    Use for: Setting the style of an element by its id or shows an alert if can't be set.

  • function getStyle(el, style)
    Use for: Getting the computed style of any object. WARNING: Produces unexpected results in Safari.

  • function getStyleAttribute(node)
    Use for: Returning the style attribute of the specified node.

  • function showProps(o)
    Use for: Displaying all the properties for a given element (this method is using document.write !!)

  • - function setIFrameEvent(iframe, eventName, func)
    - function setIFrameBody(iframe, strStyle, innerHtml)
    - function getIFrameDocument(iframe)
    - function getIFrame(strId)
    Use for: IFraming.

  • - function createElementandAppend(nodeName, strId, appendTo)
    - function createElementandInsertBefore(nodeName, strId, appendTo, sibling)
    Use for: Creating an element and appending/inserting before.

  • function getXY(el)
    Use for: Returning the position of any element as an object.

3. cookies.common.js
  • function setCookie(name, value, domain, expires, path, secure)
    Use for: Setting a Cookie with the given name and value.

  • function getCookie(name)
    Use for: Getting the value of the specified cookie.

So that's about it folks ! I surelly gonna work my way on maximizing this, and because of that i think i can remove the prototype and other thing :P

And in final words, hereby i challenged all of you the 'Bleet' to use it to your extent !!


Aditya said...

Much appreciated! :)

I actually had seen these functions pop-up in Firebug whenever I debug my pages' Javascript, but never bothered to actually sit and understand what they do (I know the names say it all, but I'm quite lazy! :P )

So thanks for doing all the hardwork! :D This will make working with the DOM a lot faster now.

Efendi said...

yeah, i wish now all the blogger will use those javascript :P

i mean, a simple one is the peek-a-boo, while blogger has made one, we go all the way re-inventing the wheel :P

well, i'll be porting my javascript too soon ^^

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