Interesting Results From Tonedeaf Test

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Today, Mr. Jake Mandell the one who created the Tonedeaf Test, sent me an email, saying that he has put the results of everybody who took the test. And there are lotsa interesting thing that can be read from the results ^^

And let me quote some part from the email here ^^ (if you do mind the privacy tell me so Mr. Jake, i'll remove this)
I'm writing for three reasons:

1) To say hello and wish you a happy new year.

2) To tell you that I now have a total of three tests online:
3) Most excitingly, to tell you about some interesting results from analyzing the data of over 100,000 subjects!
* Blacks/African Americans perform better than Caucasians, despite having fewer years of musical training
* Males perform better than females
Read the details of these results, including graphs and statistics info here:

I'm working on another test as well - so please check back once in a while. If you have any questions about the tests, neuro-research, or test results, please feel free to send me a note.

And happy new year to you too Mr. Jake ^^

Hm.. another test to spent this weekend :)

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