United Vektor 2007 Kalendar

Saturday, January 06, 2007

If you haven't got a Kalendar for this year, then this one could be your choice ^^ to print and hang on your office :)

About The PDF Kalendar
Following the success of the UnitedVektor 2005 and 2006 PDF Kalendar, Vektorjunkie brought to you again the UnitedVektor 2007 PDF Kalendar this year. Vektorjunkie invites some international designers from around the world who have a passion for vektor graphik to kontribute on this projekt. Many thanks for all the kontributor who made this projekt happened.

Kalendar specifications

Format PDF (You will need Adobe Acrobat for your viewing pleasure)
Size 210mm x 330mm
Resolution 200dpi
Colors CMYK

It's currently available for January and February 07. So check back on their site often to see updates ;)

And if you have some more time this weekend, be sure to check the Vektorika Magazine too ;)

Have a nice weekend everybody ^^

[Update 2007-01-06 3:51 PM] My gawd, just found out that this Vektorjunkie is Indonesian ! Wow ! I'm proud of it !


Cat said...

Efendi, see this

slow slow T__T" my connection

Efendi said...

Cat ^^ that's a nice one :) Thanks for the info ;)

And yeah, my connection are sloow too >.< hope it'll be fixed soon

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