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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Have you ever wanted to play any MIDI song with "Guitar Hero"-like falling notes ?!

Well, then Nicholas Piegdon from Halite Studios has a nice "Piano Hero" for us ;)

Here's what he have for us :)

* Learn to play music on your real keyboard.
* Inspired by Harmonix's innovative Guitar Hero gameplay.
* Supports any MIDI file.
* Practice left or right handed parts separately.
* Slow songs down while learning new parts.
* Open Source (MIT License).

And the interface looks promising too ^^

After you select a MIDI file to play (if you dont have one then Nicholas have some suggestion on where to find it ^^) you can choose on which instrument you wanna play ;) you can play all of it, if you think you're a HERO ;)

On each instrument there's a button to play, for checking the notes that will be played, so you can choose wether you wanna play it manually, or have 'em played automatically :)

After that, prepare your finger :) and hit it boyz and gurlz :D

Oh, yes, of course you need a MIDI input for playing this ;)


Anonymous said...

Whoaa... nice find! :-)

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