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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

For those of you, who are a big fan, and a loyal one to MBL (like me) ;) MBL is MyBlogLog incase you didn't know, i've covered it sometime ago, and made a little guide myself :P

There's a great news !

And hereby i wanna congratz to Eric and the guyz at MBL :)

The Jig is Up -- MyBlogLog joins Yahoo!

MyBlogLog is becoming a part of Yahoo! We're all moving to San Francisco.

Yahoo! is going to put loads of resources into MyBlogLog and help us roll out a ton of new features. Plus, we're moving to their infrastructure, which should help with those occasional slowdowns.

Made you smile when reading it eh ;)

And according to Om Malik which had a dinner with Scott Rafer, chairman of Orlando, Florida-based MyBlogLog, the news is true ;) Yahoo buys MyBlogLog… for real!

So, let MBL become more and more powerfull ^^

CONGRATZ again ^^

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