Bloggeratto is DEAD ...

Monday, January 08, 2007

Yeah.. i have proof of it ! If you don't believe it, then when you go to Bloggeratto, you'll find this :

Avatar, can't be reached on these past few days, email him, still no reply. So i presume he is DEAD.

But that's a joke :P So just relax :P As i've said it before, if Avatar is silent, he is doin some DEADly thing ;)

And you know what ? Those days when i can't reach him, it was due to the fact that Avatar, is preparing somethin, some REAL thing ! A DEADly one ! And he indeed receive a massive ammount of emails, and of course kindly replying to those pile of emails, so if you have already mailed the old man, just wait :) coz he's a good ol' man ;)

So, further up, with some negotiation skills that i have :P i managed to get some goodies of what he's up to, here you go

And what is that thing ?! Un-fortunately Avatar is a tough guy, he won't give up just to some nice words :P (apparantely my skill was not enough) :P

But he gave me some hint, that it was only a draft (the one he gave me), the real one will be more DEADlier ! ;)

So stay tuned. And keep flooding him with emails (kiddin' :P)


Avatar said...


i gave you my ____ logo drat and this is what you do?..

NO, BLOGGERATTO is NOT DEAD, IT WILL CONTINUE to improve and get a even more steady pace, and along with Bloggeratto i will be launching to new Blog proyects. one is my Personal Blog and the other is the way way long delayed first Bloggeratto Spin Off proyect.


Efendi said...

well, well, well,

look who's here :)

see ? the ol' man is alive :D

yeah, i made this one to see that if you are still alive ;)

so hurry it up, and open the bloggeratto again :) readers are waitin :)

hm.. the Personal Blog ? Sounds fun ^^

Avatar said...

"hm.. the Personal Blog ? Sounds fun ^^"

you know it will be fun....

Raquel said...

What is wrong with this guy, is he hiding from us ?

Avatar said...

What is wrong with this guy, is he hiding from us ?

why so harsh words raquel?.. :/

no, am not hiding.

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