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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Markus Angermeier created a unique Web2.0 MindCloudMap which he posted on flickr.

Web2.0 MindCloudMap by Markus Angermeier

[click for bigger picture]

And the whole issue is even availible as a free pdf download.

There's some nice conversation about this at the comment section
irdial says:
Thinking aloud, this and Stabilo Boss's images are beautiful but less useful than a vanilla HTML page list of urls. This image doesn't tell you what you have and have not visited, for example. It is unordered, so you cant step through it. As a beautiful study of logos Stabilo's is perfect, and this one, since it is more utilitarian should be ideally have just one link to a plain page of HTML links...perhaps on a blog post.

kosmar says:
in fact: you are right and i am thinking of putting a website/blog online that does what you are talking about.

So, shall we have it Mr. Markus ? ;)

Anyway, there are other versions of language too, which you can take a look, if you do speak these languages ;)

- German Version
- Chinese Version
- Korean Version
- more of other languages here

For me, the nicest thing this map bring is this ;)



LuUeE said...

hhaha.. I tot it was a website.. when you show your last pic... oo.. cool mouse pad.

teddY said...

Well I've seen his mindmap before! It sums up everything about Web 2.0. He accurately pointed out developments in 2.0 and what we can't see about the Internet in the past when it was first started.

Haha I never thought it could be printed on a mousepad XD

Have a great weekend!

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