Adobe CS3 Icon on 3D Carousel

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

To quote Mr. Lee Brimelow from The Flash Blog

Let’s face it, everything is better when put in a 3D carousel. It’s so played out that it’s cool.

And indeed it was cool ^^ and this could be a nice little apps to help you remember those icons that leads to some debate amongs Photoshops users :P

Nice eh ;) Give it a try, and feel the fun ^^

As for those of you who might wanted to read on the long debate, here's some related article:

- Veerle's blog | The new Adobe icons and branding
- Jason Santa Maria | What a Mess
- Adobe CS3 Program Icons: Alphabet Soup on a Color Wheel (And What They Mean)
- John Nack on Adobe: Now showing: The rest of the CS3 icons

Though i personally don't mind with Adobe CS3 new icons :) but still i think Adobe people can be a whole lot more creative on these :P


Yihong Ding said...

Good site. Have a happy new year!

Efendi said...

hello yihong, welcome to zlythern :)
and happy new year to you too ^^

ia said...

beautiful website. and thanks for the mention! :)

Efendi said...

hi ia, welcome to zlythern ;)
your's is geogeous too ;)

and i enjoy your article ^^

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