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Friday, January 12, 2007

As i'm beginning to learn more and more of the new Blogger, i found it that Blogger still lacks some documentation ! And this gets me frustated, but you see, when you got into trouble, we all have a Bleet (Blogger Elite) which in this case is Stephen Paul Weber a.k.a Singpolyma.

He is a genius one on Blogger thing. And so my first step on learning Blogger will be the template first ! And Singpolyma has already provided some templates which you can learn, do some modification, run a trial and error, and lotsa more ! Even more, Singpolyma added a very great value to those templates by including tutorials on his posts !

Singpolyma surely is a great assets among Blogger's blogger ;)

So after i mastered this template thing, maybe i'll cover up some tutorials for it, since Blogger documentation is S.U.C.K ! They only give the outline of the new tag, with very limited Example of Use !

So first thing first, is Singpolyma Templates ^^ then we'll go to the other Bleet for more hacks ;)

One step at a time :)


Singpolyma said...

Johan dissected templates back near the beginning, and that's about the best we've seen. It's been a each learn what he can thing, unfortunately...

Singpolyma said...

Oops, that link should be to

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