Blogger: All-in-one Widgets Tutorial

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Improbulus at A Consuming Experience have cooked up a very nice and handy "All-in-one Widgets Tutorial" !

This is a very handy one place to stop tutorial. And as i'm new to myself on this Beta (ups) Blogger, this sure is gonna be very usefull, and to all new bloggers too.

I myself are planning to share the knowledge of these, but, rather than re-invent the wheel, i'll just stick with this one ^^

Great job Improbulus !


zh1yong said...

Happy new year too you too!! thanks for stopping by..

gondolier said...

happy new year!!
wish u all the best!

Efendi said...

zh1yong and gondolier ^^ happy new year too :)

Improbulus said...

Hi Efendi, thanks for the mention and the link, glad you find my post useful!


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