Saturday, July 07, 2007

When I'm reading my Fullpage Comics over at my iGoogle. I just realize today is 7-7-7 :)

Well then, that was a quick post ^^

I'm goin to play inline skates ^^ Have a nice weekend everybody ^^


teddY said...

Hi efendi! It've been ages since I've been here! Sorry for not being around. School work is piling up into heaps 10 times taller than me! Haha! Okay happy 777 to you too! Instead of waiting for another century we can look forward to 888 and 999 as well XD haha!

Oh you're going ice-skating? Good luck! I pretty suck at balancing! The last time I went to an ice-skating rink was like 2 years ago when I got my butt frozen for falling too many times on the freezing ice. And I've got a bad abrasion on my ankles as well! Take care and have fun!

Efendi said...

teddY, congratz for your 3rd year old blog ;)

777 is western, 888 and 999 is more to eastern :P

i'm inline skating ;) rollerblade :)

but back in jakarta, i used to play ice-skating too :) since i don't know to find one in singapore here, so i decided to give it a try on rollerblading :D

and the same goes to my butt :P bruises here and there :P hehe..

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