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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Jared Von Hindman is an extraordinary American visual artist, a painter, a cartoonist, and a wickedly funny observer of popular culture.
Jared created a series of alphabets from A to Z, in three different theme ^^ All of it was on Head Injury Theater.
Head Injury Theater is a phrase I came up with as a kid that refers to something that happens in cartoons all the time. More often than not, when a character gets hit in the head in a cartoon he starts hallucinating or passes out and has some sort of weird dream/fantasy. Head Injury Theater is another word for "violently induced fever dream"....more or less.

On the Geekity Geekity Geekity series, some alphabets are new to me :| which lead to a conclusion, that i'm not geeky enough :P well, doesn't sure if it was scary or not for bein' geeky ;)


Another attempt from Jared, is involving some religious stuffs, which maybe considered offensive for some of you, but then, try to look at it from the Art Perspective ;) Or with a little bit humor, as Jared says 'Stop giving me that look. You asked for this. Literally.'


The newest of the ABCs series is a Horror theme, well some maybe just weird.

Anyway, let us enjoy the ABCs and perhaps, it'll a good bedtime stories for some naughty kids ;P

And if you enjoy his art, then you might wanna lurk around on more of his artwork ;)

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