Grow Your Kid's Interest in Greek Mythology

Friday, July 06, 2007

Greek Mythology have always been my favorite stories, i can never be bored on reading the same Myth over and over again.

The Greek have a wide range of Mythology, and also many have a slightly different version of one and another. Sometimes it was pack in a poem-like stories, or a drama-like. So if we wanted to tell some kids about all of this myth, surely we must spicy up some thing, make it interesting on the ear ;)

And that is what Mythweb did ! A marvelous info packed into a simple and interesting stories, suitable for kids understanding, and entertaining even to us the adults ;)

All of it was accompanied by beautiful illustration ;)

But then again, this site does not meant to cover all the characters of Greek Mythology. As you see, there are many of it. So this is basically the most popular Myth ;) Which, i'm sure will be more than enough to grow the interest of your kids ;)

Have a nice weekend with all the Greek Gods and Heroes ^^


cyberbuff said...

i'll surely tell my son/daughter when they are born! lolz :D

Efendi said...

hehe.. yeah, i'm planning the same :P

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