Learn to Make Games in Javascript

Monday, July 23, 2007

Michal Wallace from have written a great tutorial on how to make a game, using only javascript ;)

This is a very nice tutorial especially to understand javascript a little bit more ;) well, the javascript that were being used is prototype.

The tutorials covers all of the basic javascript syntax to the OOP side of it :) With lots of addition e.g: Event handling, Sound, AJAX, etc.

Of course in order to understand this, you must have the prequisite knowledge of HTML and CSS ;) Which I'm sure you already have mastered it ;)

If you followed the tutorial step-by-step you will have a nice looking BrickSlayer in your web-page ;) and who knows if you can be a guru and built this kinda game ;)

[via: Simon Willison’s Weblog]


Anonymous said...

Uhm here are amazing javascript games
Be quick or be dead

It seems they use dojo for rendering.

See you!

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