Friday, July 27, 2007

garfield the cat
Garfield the Cat first appearance is 19 June 1978.

A fat, lazy, cynical, but endearing cat. Born in the kitchen of Mamma Leoni's Italian restaurant, Garfield weighed five pounds, six ounces at birth and right from the start he showed a passion for Italian food. The restaurant owner, forced to choose between Garfield and closing his doors for lack of pasta, sold Garfield to a pet store. Garfield thought he was a goner until Jon Arbuckle walked in the door.

Garfield loves TV and hates Mondays. He's all sass and sarcasm, but he has a soft side too. He loves his teddy bear Pooky, and deep down he loves his owner Jon and his dopey pal Odie.

Garfield is a funny comic strip created by Jim Davis. In the comic strip there were also his owner Jon, and Odie the dog.

garfield comic strip characters

garfield first comic stripAbove is the first comic strip of Garfield ^^ there's a whole exciting world to explore in Garfield :) And it seems that i only know a little bit of Garfield, Jon, Liz, and Odie :P There's a whole bunch of other characters too.

So if you wanted to have a Garfield's Daily Comic, you can have it in two ways ;)

First is Garfield Desktop Comic :) You won't be needing a browser ;)

Or you have can easily browse all the archive here ^^ and most favourite of all, is that you can have it daily in your RSS reader ;) yes, they offer you a feeds for it :)

garfield comic strip
So, don't miss it, check out the archive, you can spend the weekend browsing back through it's archive ;)

Have a nice weekend everybody ^^


Anonymous said...

My son is 2 years old and has taken a huge liking to Garfield. He has readily renamed him "KITTY" and Odie has become "DOD" He knows the movie backwards now and even imitates the next line or cue!

Awesome to know that he is still a favourite out there, and he is still a good, clean fun cartoon/comic.

Thank you.
Carey Evans - South Africa

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