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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mr. Alan Becker is one brilliant Flash Animator i've admired sooo muuuch ^^

I've been into flash since i was in college, and i know how much time it is to take to make an animation, with thousands of thousands of frame in it :)

Although i, have made a simple animation in a short time :P

When the first time he made the Animator VS Animation, i went like ..... .... .... .... couldn't speak my mind out ... it was like ... holy s**t this guy is BRILLIANT !

This is the most amazing, creative idea on making flash animation !

Now that was on June this year if i'm not mistaken :)

But lately he MADE ANOTHER ONE !

When i found it, i bang my head to my desk (in my mind :P)


So i couldn't helped to spread it to the world :) and i re-upload it for your amusement ;)

Well, then check out those flash, and hold your jaw, maybe it'll drop :P just click on the picture to open it in a new window ;)

Enjoy the weekend boyz and gurlz :) don't forgot to drop some grettings to the guy ;)

As per Mr. Alan request, i changed the links to point to AtomFilms :) My pleasure to talk to you Alan ;)


Joshua P.G. Lane said...

Now, how could I pass this up after your exciting endorsement! Will check it out, thanks qureyoon!

teddY said...

Holy cr*p this is just so cool! And thanks for posting the links =)

I've watched the first movie before, but not the second one. Both looks equally cool! And the effect I loved most from both movies... the keyframes falling off the screen XD that is just so funny seeing them bouncing about.

Efendi said...

Mr. Josh ^^ you will not regret seein' it ;) i guarantee that :)

@teddY: hehehe... amazing eh ;) yeah those keyframes was brilliant :) so, you've watched the first one eh ;) good good :)

Anonymous said...

yeah i like both the video's. but lately i've been wondering how to make that stuff to. because i make stick figure animation movies but not stuff like he does. he's brilliant

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