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Friday, November 24, 2006

CrossLoop is a tiny little applications that'll do a not so tiny great thing for you ;) As the trend was set to 'web-startups' CrossLoop take another way on desktop-startups ^^ This is real nice, they've take the right path :)

Okay then, CrossLoop's main idea is to connect 2 PC, uhm .. well yes i know it's not such a big thing, there are already lotsa product that goes into this kinda thing, and even Windows has it's own Remote Desktop built in !

So what's so good bout this CrossLoop thing ? Well, first of all IT'S FREE ;) I mean FREE is a good thing right ? ;)

Another good thing is that the application is tiny, the installer was only 900Kb, and after it was bein installed it took no more than 3MB ;) And if you run it, you'll notice that it's just consume a wee bit memory :) you'll never notice the difference, just like when you open notepad (yup, that light ;))

As for this moment, CrossLoop, currently just supporting 2 people on 2 PC that can share things together remotely ! I think this is good enough, coz CrossLoop is designed for this, so multiusers might sounds good, but that's just a waste IMHO ;) if you wanted multiuser, then just go conference right ? ;)

With CrossLoop, you can do lotsa thing, lemme give you an example, have you had someone who doesn't know how to use an email (yes, i do have one back then :P) and you're having a hard time on explaining what to do ? How to use it ?! and via PHONE ! OMG ! Those were such a tiring days :P

But now, not anymore ;) you can do it while you're on PHONE, and give it A REAL EXAMPLE on how to use an email sucha thing ;)

Now, what i wanted to see more from CrossLoop, is one feature, "chat" ;) i mean there's Skype nowadays, so okay with that, but if i can't use it or you're not allowed to do it in office, or sucha thing, then chat will be the way to communicate ;)

Well, honestly i don't like to open a notepad, write some line, then switch back to show how macros work in excell, and then write again ... and so on .. and so on ..

So, if CrossLoop, will add a nice little chat window, that'll be a great addition ;)

Well, nuff talkin now, why doncha give it a try ;)

- if someone want to ask me bout anythin involving "REAL EXAMPLE" maybe we can CrossLoopin each other ;)
- for those who are not on broadband, the screen rendering are a little bit slow ;) maybe CrossLoop will have some optimizing for this ? ;)


Mrinal said...

Thanks for the post and a BIG huuug from all at CrossLoop! Thanks for the feedback on the need for chat - I will certainly share the feedback with the rest of the team! The key thing we are doing with CrossLoop is make technology eaasssyyy - easy enough for my parents to use. There is a lot of technology out there but a majority of the world is still not empowered by them yet - we are hoping that those who do know and use technology can empower others, one at a time!

Efendi said...

Mr. Mrinal, nice to have you here ;)
CrossLoop, was doin a great job :)

I really like your concept ;)

Keep up the great job guyz :)

Stii said...

Hey Efendi!

What an AWESOME find you made here! It is a must have for any software developer with a clientbase which he needs to support! Great!

Thank you so very, very much!

Cheers 4 now!


teddY said...

Woah another good recommendation! Anyway...

"have you had someone who doesn't know how to use an email" - my answer: my mom. But she doesn't know how to even log in to windows XD

And you can charge them since you're giving them free advertisements =) LOL!

P.S.:Is crossloop a peer-2-peer programme?

Efendi said...

@stii: yes, this CrossLoop idea was to help each other ;) glad you found it usefull :)

@teddy: XD my parents too :) but they can operate computers a little bit :P as for the internet thing, they're blind XD

CrossLoop is not p2p, it's just 2 pc connected ;) there are no other pc can connect to you, if you already have a session with other pc ;)

Angela said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm always looking for individually tested and recommended, low-resource solutions -- especially if they are built on an opensource model! I'll give this a try.

Efendi said...

Angela, welcome to zlythern :)
Yup, go give it a try ;) it's a nice apps ^^

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