Pasturella Multocida ?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Neisseria Gonorrhoeae ? Bartonella Quintana ? Huh ?! What with those weird name :P (you might say) Heh, i have no idea of it at first :P

Those words are microbes ! *Yikes* Yup you heard .. uhm .. read it right :)

Emma Lurie, presents you microbes in a fun way ^^ you can read .. and maybe remember it easily ;) It has a cute picture of it too ;) Hmm.. i wish i've found these back on my school days on biology :P It'll be fun to study it :)

Pay her a visit ;) And have a nice weekend with microbes ^^ :P


Anonymous said...

hey your layout is improvving!
carry on! :D

budiaji hartono said...

wow...the things my bio teacher must use.
so cute they are. :P

Efendi said...

@lunaticgal: haloo ^^ thanks gurl :) how's college ? ;)

@budiaji: yup, aren't they cute ;) i think the children will find it fun remembering it :)

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