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Monday, November 27, 2006

When first i got to know RSS, at that point on, i have subscribed and unsubscribed, many sites that offers RSS.

The good thing about RSS is (in my opinion) that you got FED by the news, instead of you search for the news itself.

And people, are always NEWS hungry ;) no one i ever met, that doesn't interested in news, wether it's just a gossips, a rant, a stock market news, politics, sex, celebrity, everyone are lookin for news.

That makes it NEWS provider on the net, grows like a mushrooms :) there's a whole lot of variety on HOW the way they delivers the news to you ;) there's some who is community driven news, and some that break the news 1st and a whole lot more.

Lately there's been some improvement over on how to delivers news. My favourite one lately is BuzzFeed.

BuzzFeed distinguishes what is actually interesting from what is merely hyped. We only feature movies, music, fashion, ideas, technology, and culture that are on the rise and worth your time.

BuzzFeed works with some automated robot crawler, which they claimed that it can IDENTIFY new buzz that’s just starting to spread. PLUS they have some staff and editors in which they put up the buzz into more readable and interesting summary ;)

So this computer crawler combined with editors and feedbacks from the readers, makes it much more entertaining news to watch and read ;)

Another one that still on the Buzz trend is BuzzTracker.

Currently they are still on Beta. But they already have 100+ topic in it :) What i like from BuzzTracker, is that they have the BuzzImage, and BuzzVideo on the right sidebar ;) Now, i don't know how accurate is the BuzzImage :P but the BuzzVideo seems pretty nice :)

A few days back, my bro Avatar post up a (soon to be) newcomer on the news thing. It was called the Scoopr. The concept is quite nice ! And i like the word SCOOP ;)

My first thought of the SCOOP is that, this Scoopr will covers story that considered to be the SCOOP (or the first) of the latest Buzz !
But apparently what they mean about SCOOP is that you can have the Buzz story to be Scoop as in save it.
So, it'll be very good if they can find the SCOOP of the latest Buzz ! Coz i'm always wondering who is the first one that got the SCOOP for let's say "THE HOTTEST NEWS RIGHT NOW!" It's always nice to found who broke the first news, and the others follow it ;) So, maybe they'll changed the way on how SCOOP will be :) coz... this Buzz thing, News thing, is already to much :P

They currently still in private alpha stage. It means that they still have much to improve, and what i wanted on some technical side, is that they will GET RID OF those javascripts ! Sure thing it was a nice slide, fade FX thing, but it will be NO USE on this NEWS thing, what i want to see is the NEWS not the FX !
Besides, if you wanted to use some nice javascript FX, there's a whole lot more which is more LIGHTER in weight ! Coz, as for me, i'm still the 50kers :P
And i hated when i go clicking this or that, some won't work coz the javascript haven't fully loaded yet.

Now as some closing thought, i found some nice articles here. And that shot me right through how i fell lately :P Lately i was fellin FED UP to much :P And since i've wrote so much, i won't discussed that article now :P But if you do have an opinion, they don't hesitate to share it here ;)


Avatar said...

nice round up of the entire concept behind news tracking.

i als loked at the other two at the moment i was reviewing Scoopr so it´s nice to see it as a sole article. i do wrote pieces about buzzfeed and buzztracker but i have not published them.

i guess you beat me to it.

teddY said...

I never got bored reading your blog because everyday you'll post something interesting you've discovered! XD The buzzfeed tracker seems to have very intelligent AI since it is able to identify trends and news that are actually spreading. COOL.

Oh yea. The thingy is really a big burden. I nearly grabbed all my hair off my head when I used that script on my blog and accessed it via my aunt's 28kbps comp. It takes like 102395298538 years to load.

Efendi said...

yo teddy, so nice of you ;) thx :)
yeah.. buzzfeed is quite good, right ? ;)

hehehe... that's what i feel bout too :) when i accessed it other than my office :P first i upload and use it on the office, and it looked fine and nice, since the connection was fast :P but then ... your problem appears :P so i searched for another one that is more light weighted ;)

David B. said...

I just found this post on Scoopr.

The word "scoop" is used instead of "save", but that is just sort of a marketing thing.

The concept behind Scoopr is that the latest/newest/most published news will get automatically pushed to the top.

And as far as the JavaScript affects between pages, that is just in place now for easy/quick no page reloading testing on our end.

But thanks for the good write-up and thoughts!

Efendi said...

hello David, welcome to zlythern, nice to have you here

ah, so the latest is on top, well this is surely what 'SCOOP' is, in my mind ^^

uhm, as for javascript, i recommend mootols ;) they did the equally same fx, with the one you needed now, i guess ;)

thanks for droppin by David ;)

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