Red Rose to Michelle Goodrich

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Today, when i tried to go to Michelle's Mandarin Design, this is what i got

Error 404 Not found

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And my reaction was WHAT THE H**L is this !! Are you kiddin me ?!! OMG !

And so, i began my investigation (with google of course :P) and found out that our dear Michelle have passed away, and it's on June ... and i don't know a single thing bout it ! Shame on me !

Michelle's Mandarin Design, was my favourite resources on learnin' CSS. The best of all there is on the net, since Michelle covers it from basic to advanced, from IE to FF and to Opera, all of it.

This was a great loss, and now they even take down the last piece of her work!

And as Claude Covo-Farchi said in her post above
Keeping someone’s blog on-line, is like keeping some of that person alive. I don’t think that it would occur to someone’s children to intentionally put all the photos of their parents in the garbage, never to be seen again! Aren’t our blogs a bit, or even much of ourselves?

Lastly, thanks to there are still Mandarin Design that alive, we should all treasure this knowledge

And let us remember the great work of our dear Michelle Goodrich

May you Rest In Peace Michelle.


Claude said...

You know what? MandarinDesign got back on line. I don't know how it happened. But it's a fact

Efendi said...

aah, it really is got back ;) thanks for the head ups ;)

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