Children Fun on X'Mas

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This christmas thing sure is a whole lotsa fun ^^ and if you have childrens, maybe you can have them try this ^^

It was a coloring site, which gives you a picture, and you got to choose one, and start coloring it ^^ simple ;)

You can choose the color that on the list, and just click an area of the picture to color it :)

The best thing of it, is that we can have it printed, emailed, or save it to your computer ^^

Well, as for the coloring, it's a little bit annoying for me :P well i guess it was because i'm a 50ker

When you color the picture, it'll refresh the image, so if you're on a modem or so, just be patient for the image to load again :P

But if that troubles you, then maybe you'll wanna print it, and have it colored manually, which i think is more fun ^^

Well, i myself, have some fun with this :P i guess there's no limitation for age here ;) we can all share the joy ^^

And this Coloring says that
Shortly, new functionality will be added for enhanced features.

And i hope they fixed the way the coloring work, so that it dont refresh per color :P

And for this X'Mas they already have some nice picture ^^

So, have your Coloring here ^^


teddY said...

OMG this is so cute =) I start to colour like a big baby. But it is surely fun! Great for people like me who have no childhood XD

I am always wondering how can you find so much new stuff on the Internet? Cool!

Efendi said...

yeah, there's a saying "within each man/woman there's a child inside" :)

i'm havin fun with it too :D

stuffs ? use feed ? grab rss everywhere ;) a great resource to learn are from Mr. Marshall Kirkpatrick on Open Sourcing My TechCrunch Work Flow, it was everywhere on the net now :)

Georgie said...

yeah! that is really true. Got hooked up myself when I saw my kids coloring. Another great coloring site is, you should check this one too.

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