Pimp Your Blog For Santa

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Santa is busy preparin gifts for all of us, so i think we should pimp our home, to welcome him on X'Mas ;)

So, first you can do is this :

Sweet eh :) Those are the amazing work of Nick La from N.Design Studio | Design & Blog ! Which is one of my favourite resource on trying to learn designs :) well, you know i'm a designer wannabe :P

And to welcome the happy moment, Nick have already put up some nice icons for all of us to grab ;) and it's FREE :) so, make sure you pay Nick a visit, and a thanks :)

If that still not enough for you, here's another one, a nice banner you can put on your blog ;)

Now that is a great work from my friend Anthony over at That Amazing Person

And he kindly give us the code to put it, so it'll as simple as you can imagine ;)
You can get the code here :)

Well, i'll be pimpin' my blog for Santa :) Hope he'll bring me some nice presents :)


Anthony said...

Hey thanks for the mention and these icons look great!

Ashish Mohta said...


You gave me a good idea for christmas blogging.I was already working and i can add your idea of this post too.

Thanks for visiting my blog.It wasnt working before but now its working thouh i am working on redesiging it.
You can email me at ashish.mohta[at]

I would request you for Link Exchange and more over i need some suggestion for design.Please Suggest.


Efendi said...

yo anthony :) glad you liked the icons :) and no problem man :)

hello ashish mohta, welcome to zlythern :) your layout is already nice ;) keep postin' :)

Stii said...

Cool man! I've started the pimpin process...

teddY said...

OMG this is so cool!!! XD I love the icons! New tech digs everyday... no wonder I got addicted to your blog.

Efendi said...

can't wait to see you pimped blog stii ;)

@teddy: cute eh ;) and hey, thanks man :)

Jackson said...

Thanks for the idea.

Efendi said...

happy pimpin' jackson ;)

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