I'm an Official SOB !!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Horaay !! Today, i have a good news for you boyz and gurlz :) Hereby, i pronounced it to you,

And take a look at the nice badge that Liz, allowed me to put on zlythern ;)

Liz Strauss, who is a Successfull Blog(gers) and an Outstanding one, have been a teacher to me (via feed reader :P) and have given me lotsa inspiration on how to blog :)

You know, fyi, i, myself, and considered myself, are new to the blogging thing :P not even a year, i've started on blogging in about the end of April this year, and have no idea what to write !

I mean, i never, ever, did write somekinda notes, or diary, EVER :P So this whole new writing things, are kinda annoying for me (at first) :) but up until now, i'm beggining to love it :) and couldn't live without it now :P (i belive so) :P

And i still remembered, on how i stumbled on Liz's SOB, it was when i feel a little bit down, and felt like don't wanna to blog anymore, coz no one is readin' and give comments :P i guess great blogger have pass through these too :) it was then, when i search for some hints, and maybe a trick or two, a tips on better blogging, and then there it is, Liz's SOB great article ;)

But now, as i more into blogging, i realize that even though readers maybe not commenting, i know that, some are still reading zlythern faithfully ;) and to you who are always reading zlythern, either here or on feed, i thank you :) So, i'll try my best to keep on postin' ^^

The good thing on blogging is, that you got to meet new friends, a really really great friends :) One of them is Avatar :) he's trully my inspiration on blogging (on early days) and now too ;) (don't worry bro :)) the mind of that man, is trully amazing :) and he's on SOB too now ;)

So, i hereby thanks to Liz for the badge, love you Liz ;) and i'll try to go over yer place, since i'm always on the feed :P

Have a nice day everybody ^^


Joshua P.G. Lane said...

Qureyoon. Congratulations... from one of the Zlythern faithful. I'm glad you stuck it out. Keep on posting!

Efendi said...

thanks Mr. Josh ^^ really appreciate it :)

Aditya said...

Congratulations my man! :)

Efendi said...

Oh, and forgot to mention, Aditya, is the genius boy who helped me with template, and hacks on early day ;)

Nice to see you again Adit :)

Thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

you speak so much truth in this post..


Efendi said...

hey hermano, thanks for the words ^^

it's so... you ;)

i appreciate it bro :)

ochep said...

hehehe... having a reader is fun right... I was also have a faithfull blog fanz that time, that always tried to get information about someone. That's y he always read my blog :p

Anyway... blogging its about expressing ur self ^^
also about sharing things,
some more it's also can make profit if u have lots of reader :D

Anonymous said...

congratulations! and thanks for leaving me a message at mybloglog! i never knew you could do so much with blogger, i enjoyed avatar's site :D

teddY said...

Congratulations!!! And you started blogging about a year ago? I can't believe it since you're really good at blogging and that requires loads of experience! I must agree with you that blogging is really fun and it helps us to socialise better =)

Happy blogging!

Efendi said...

@ochep: Yooo... welcome ^^ bro ;)
hm.. reader sure is one thing that motivate you on blogging :)
nice to see you man :)

@preckie: hi there ^^ welcome to zlythern ;) no problem gurl ;) ah.. Avatar's ;) he's a great man :) just say a hello to him ;)

@teddy: yoo thx man :) hehe.. not even a year :P still am learning on how to be a good blogger :)

Happy blogging to all of us bloggers ^^

Avatar said...


Heh, it´s a pleasure to do so my dear friend.


Glad you liked it.

P.S: is that you in the profile photo?, gasp, what a cutie!


What?, i am just mingling here.

Maureen Francis said...

Your blog is downright beautiful.

Efendi said...

hi maureen francis, welcome to zlythern :)

and thanks for the beautiful words ;)

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