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Thursday, November 30, 2006

This mornin' when i crawl over my emails, i found that Terry Ng over at Kineda's Blog (which is one of so many regular readings i had) told me to try this interesting widget :)

The widget that Terry created was based on Dave Sifry’s State of the Blogosphere. So i decided to give it a try :) Well, it's fun anyway ;)

C-List Blogger

Hm.. that badge surely looks good, if it's was an A, right ? ;P

So, how is this thing works ? Terry has the answers
To be an A-List Celebrity in Hollywood, it's all about the amount of Vanity Fair, GQ, and People Magazine covers you can score. To be an A-List Bloglebrity on the Internet, it's all about the amount of link love you can score.


teddY said...

Well I think this thing works like Technorati, checking inbound links to your blog, compare it against a table and give your blog a rating accordingly. But this is a really fresh ideas! At least it breaks out from Technorati's ranking system. It uses grades instead =)

Efendi said...

yeah, this is the fun way ;)
besides the badge looks nice too :)

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