So ... It's Midnight Over There

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Lately, i met lotsa new friends over the net :) especially with my readers ;) thanks to MyBlogLog, that's been so nice, great work Eric :) You got to meet lotsa nice people there :)

Some little problem i have with, is when i try to chat with some people, they appeared to be offline, well, it's simple, it was midday at my time here, but it was midnight over there ! and often i found out that it was like 3 or 4 AM when at my time it's only 1 PM or 9AM, i surely wouldn't want to bother on someone elses dream ;)

So, i search for some time converter or anythin like that, some gave a nice table, but it's all text :P and it was kinda boring :P so i search for more and found out this little Flash one :) and since i was a flash programmer ;P well i prefer this one ^^ the Time Zone Check (so they called themselves)

This is a simple, and perfectly suits my need :) it's user friendly, just hover over, and you know it's midnight over there ;)

If you have a friend in some other place that are not listed, don't worry, they provided you the Search Box ! Just type in the city name, and little red dot will appear ^^

And oh, did i mention that you can know what date it is too ? ;)

Well, then i've bookmarked this Time Zone Check for sure ;)

If there's another one that is more convinient than this, then lemme know :) since i stopped searchin' after i satisfied with this one ;P


teddY said...

Wow thanks for the link it is super useful! I love the representation of day and night as bright and dark shades on the map. And oh yea another added bonus is that when you hover over the time zones you'll see which countries adjusted their times according to the timezones! I just realised Malaysia is off the standard time =)

Efendi said...

teddy, glad you liked it too :) this one is by far my favourite :)

and, great info ^^ i missed that one ;P

thx ^^

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