Cat and Mice

Friday, November 03, 2006

Last night, when i browse my harddrive, reorganize things, put some files here and there, delete some junks, etc. i found this little cute flash i've made ^^

It was titled "Cat and Mice". Well, actually, my friend's sister had an assignment on her college, to make some short animation using flash, and so my friend recommend me to her sister, actually (again) a wee bit beggin' please ... please ... sorta thing :P so i decided to help my friend :P i'm a nice guy after all :P (don't puke :P)

Anyway, she already made some panel, drawn by her, about how the animation will looked like. It contains 11 panel, the story was short, but turn out to be thousands of frame after the making :P so hereby i upload it, and share it with you boyz and gurlz ^^

So, enjoy ^^

p.s: there was no name of mine, since it's her assignment, and so i'm not allowed to put my name in it :P and am too lazy to add it now :P

p.p.s: if you wanted the source [.fla] just mail me ;)


Zawa said...

Hahahahaha... sumpah lucu banget neh movie hehehehe...

Efendi said...

alo zawa ^^ wah lama nda mampir neh ;)
hehehe.. lucu yah :P itu cerita yg bikin yah itu adeknya temen g itu :) dia udah bikin ceritanya terus minta dibuatin animasinya, yah jadi gitu deh hasilnya ^^ hehehehe....

teddY said...

Haha! The flash movie is very cute and educational! At least I am happy to know that in the end the mice didn't end up in the stomach of the cat. Reminds me of tom and jerry too!

Efendi said...

yo teddy ^^ sup dude :)
hehehe... thank you very much :) glad you liked it

yeah, when i made the flash, i was glad too, it ended up nice and well ;)

hehehe... this is more like tom and jerry in reverse, where tom is the one in charge here :)

Cat said...

lol...simple, cute & so much love...╬
especially i like her pink fur♥

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