Do U Reflect ?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

In this era of Web2.0 trend, we saw almost everywhere that some logo or images have reflections under it ;)

With some knowledge of photoshop, you can easily achieve this :) but now i'm gonna introduce to you a little and handy reflections javascript that can be used on your websites !

YES ! Now you only need to include the scripts and you have a reflections like these :

Isn't this kewl ! It's also very very easy to implement ! Just add class="reflect" to your image like this :
<img src="yourimage.jpg" class="reflect" />

Above all, this script only 5KB! Lightweight !! And it's unobtrusive too, which mean if the user turns the javascript off, then it just your usual image ;) nothing changed :) it just dont show the reflections, besides nowadays almost every user dont have a problem with javascript rite ;)

Just take a look at Cow's Blog for more demonstration ;)

Lastly, if you reflect then tell me ;) i'll go have a look :)

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