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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mr. Marcin Wichary, currently the User interface designer, for Google, is the creator of GUIdebook. That have been online since 2003, so what's this site is all about, well to give you some brief description, i'll quote it from the author himself,

This site is meant to be an online museum of graphical interfaces, especially those old, obscure and in desperate need of preservation. Whether you want just to look back and refresh some nice memories from years ago, or are interested in seeing how the GUIs evolved throughout the decades (and it is sometimes fascinating to witness that)

Originally thought up as a comparison of various GUIs, it evolved into much more than that. GUIdebook features screenshots, icons and sounds, but also dozens of preserved archival articles, book reviews, vintage advertisements, interviews, trivia and posters designed by Mr. Marcin Wichary himself.

As for the questions "is the site still alive till now ?", well Mr. Marcin have the answers here :
The site has been updated regularely for the last two years, and I still try to keep it fresh and interesting by introducing new sections.

Well, then, as i already have permission from Mr. Marcin himself, i presents u some gallery of the screenshots ;) Enjoy :) (click the image to view the bigger one, note: took a while to load ^^)

GUIdebook GUIdebook GUIdebook GUIdebook GUIdebook GUIdebook GUIdebook GUIdebook

Tell me which one do you like the most ;) And pay a visit to Mr. Marcin's GUIdebook for more gallery ;)

p.s: i almost know all of the windows, from the earlier one :P


teddY said...

Although being a faithful Microsoft user for the past 8 years I have to say that Mac OS X's user interface is the best of all! Classy and yet stylish! Looks like Bill Gates gotta beef up Microsoft on this XD

Efendi said...

ah, so you're into Mac style too eh ;) yup, Mac's is the stylish one, i guess everybody followin' Mac nowadays ;) the glossy candy thing :P

me too been using Microsoft's since it was MS-DOS 3.0 :P what a day ;)

budiaji hartono said...

hm, have to admit mac is good.
but somehow, i just prefer microsoft, the best.
may god forgive me for what i choose. :P

Efendi said...

hi budiaji ;) welcome to zlythern :) dari blogfam kan ;) met kenal yah :)

yup, mac is good in graphics :) you know, there's a funny quote i like :

"Use The Best: Linux for server, Mac for graphics, Windows for solitaire"

hehehe :P

Eko Wahyudiharto said...

Inspite of them stylist GUIs - honestly - I can't life without Windows. Its such great box for both IDE programming and collecting money ;-p

Efendi said...

Hi Eko :) nice to have you commented here :) yup, many people still use MS though ;) i think they were the most "user friendly" ;)

Stii said...

Rofl! They should have called it a UI Museum! Nice!

Efendi said...

eh, UI Museum :lol: not a bad suggestion :P

Josh said...

Mac OSX -- of course! This was an interesting exercise. I learned a lot about myself. I love Mac the best and it all starts at the first welcome window of the GUI.

Efendi said...

Mr. Josh ! Nice to have you here ;)
Yeah, i never try Mac before :( i wanted to try it :)
Hope i can get one someday :) it's very expensive here :P

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