Finally ! They Noticed it Was UGLY !

Monday, December 04, 2006

Ever since i used Feedburner, i was always hate those UGLY lookin Headline Animator they offer ! There was much much better signature out there !

But now, finally they noticed it was UGLY ;P

And offered us, a nice, easy to use, customizable, options !

Now this is a relief for us !

Oh, and if you noticed the article title, it says Part I ;)
Hey, the title of this post says "Part I", subtly implying that there might be other parts in the future. Yes, we're going to add the ability to have multiple styles of Headline Animator for a single feed and we're going to add a number of common themes and styles from which you can pick and choose instead of building from scratch. Coming soon.

Nice move Feedburner!

[source: blog.feedburner]


Lawsy said...

I always hated that gradient metal headline animator thingy, but I loved the idea of displaying my latest news in forum signatures. I think I might just try this, and post the result up on my blog.

Efendi said...

Yo Lawsy, welcome to zlythern :)
yeah.. that metal looking is ugly :P and am glad now, that they decided to give us the ability (at least) to change those ugly lookin metal thing :P

this way, we can changed it whenever we wanted it ;) an additional idea would be to make theme :) like christmas, for this season ;)

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