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Friday, December 01, 2006

[Update 2006-12-02] Lately clicky have been experienced a lot of hits, so their services is up and down, for those of you who can't go to try this one

Have you ever wondered just what exactly it is that people do on your web site? Existing web stat solutions are nice when you want a general picture, but what if you wanted to track individual users, to see where they came from, what they did, and how long they stuck around? Clicky is your solution! It's designed for blogs but it works great with any web site!

That paragraph surely capture my interest :) So, i signed up for one, and it gives me quite nice results ^^

In general, Clicky gives you an information of what your visitors are clickin, how much time they spent or your blog, and a summary of all of it. Take a look of their sample data on How to Use Clicky :

With this Clicky, you can see, where your visitors come, who is their referers, is it readers from MyBlogLog, or do they find your blog by searchin on google ? Clicky provides those information for you, in a nice table, which is EASY to READ, and won't take up much your time ;) (perfect for those who on tight schedule, or a heavy worker) which certainly give you difference experience from Crazy Egg ;)

So far it's the most understandable statistic data i've ever read from this kinda services ^^

But, there's somethin that caught my eyes too, they said this on the Disclaimer & TOS,

Short and sweet

We are not out to get you, we are simply covering our bases. We're sorry if the site ever goes down for any reason but these things happen. Please don't do anything illegal on our site. Your information is treated as confidential and will not be shared with any third party unless required to do so by law. That's all!

So, i hope they'll never go down, coz they still have lotsa feature that will bring usefullnes to the blogosphere :)

Go get your Clicky now ^^



Indah said...

Waahh.. kayanya seru jugaa :D

Btw, psssttt.. udah berapa lama hayooo gua nongkrongin blog dikau?! Hahaha..

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