Expensive Bible Software?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Through this website I provide Bible software for Windows on a single CD for no charge. Why free? I'm a software engineer by day and at night I build professional grade software for the Christian community. No staff to pay, no advertising budget, no expensive office space. Just great Bible software that's always improving.

Is there anything sweeter than these ? ;)

- 43 Bibles, 1,750,000 References, 250,000 Commentaries
- Easy to Use
- Fast Search Engine
- Customizable
- Easy Navigation

Note: requires .NET Framework 2, MSXML ? (i forget) i know this when i installed it at my home PC :P



Robert "Skippy" Gard said...

It's a Great piece of Software, I use it personally and profesionally. I have aslo used it in a Radio Give Away as well. Many thanks to the Software Publisher who deserves our PAY PAL donations.

gondolier said...

this is great, thanks for sharing
btw, merry Christmas.


Efendi said...

Hello Mr. Robert, welcome to zlythern :) yes, it's a great software ^^ they put a lot of efforts there :)

gondolier, long time no see ^^ Merry Xmas too :)

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